Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck Rally

Probably wrong to include myself in this toon, but since there are no rules on the WEB I'm doin' it.  In case you missed it, Beck's message was filled with vague generalizations about USA forefathers, soldiers  and Christian beliefs. There were no signs allowed and not a tea-bag decorated hat was seen.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dr. Laura

After she barked the N word at a black caller 11 TIMES she claimed
NOT to be a racist.  Isn't (a white person) using the word so easily
evidence a person IS? 

I really worked on the art this time.  Tried to portray Laura's
boxy face and beady too-close-together eyes.

Friday, August 20, 2010

To Mosque or NOT to Mosque?

In the 10 days since I posted this toon, the media monster has been broadcasting an endless parade of opinion givers weighing in on To Mosque or Not to Mosque.   No one seems to NOT have a opinion - except me.  I know it's hard to believe if you know me.  But as far as the Mosque is concerned: I don't give a shit.   I can't make myself give a shit.  But I wanted to do a cartoon about it.

I always thought it was crazy insane for NYC to build a new taller (!) World Trade Center exactly where the old one was. It's an obvious target.   So I conflated the two ideas and came up with this toon about that.   Hahaha. I thought it was kinda funny.

PS, Just found this toon on Daryl Cagle's blog.  Brian Fairrington.
 Fabulous drawing on same subject.  But I'm not sure if I get his joke.
 Is it the same as mine? Is it a Two-ee. R we saying the same thing?  Post a comment. Let's talk!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

President Swims in Gulf

I just loved this afternoon's photo op. I wonder how many papers will print it Sunday? I'm sure the Repubs don't want any wholesome Kennedy-esque images planted in any voter's minds -
let alone a reminder the spill disaster got fixed faster than anticipated.

I've posted the newspaper headline that inspired it in a box on the 'toon.  Does it help or hurt? Write me.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Charlie Rangel

I'm always disappointed whenever a Dem crosses over the line.
Same with when a Jew does it, like Madoff.  It's a shonda -
and you can Google that word.