Monday, January 18, 2010

Final PLAN B ... for now

Video: See Beany and her young stud muffin Jack skate.

Yes fiends, this is the last installment of PLAN B... for now!
What's going to happen with Beany and her young crush?
Well there's lot's more to that story!
But as of Friday I'm going to begin posting (on  Beany's
PLAN B backstory because there are so many new PLAN B subscribers.
Let me know if you want off the Email list - no hard feelings.

Thank you for your many comments and Emails of encouragment. ( MORE)
Now - in answer to the questions Is Jack, Jack? And is Beany me?
Well, yes and no. Jack and I DID meet at a roller skating rink and yes,
that's us skating in the video. Another fiftish woman skater friend said
that "the spinning guy," kept watching me.  I happened to be wearing
a little plaid skating skirt. I later found out a "Catholic schoolgirl on skates,"
was Jack's greatest sexual fantasy. I decided he was too young, but still kept
watching him too, and eventually I got over it.
Stay tuned