Saturday, September 11, 2010

Midterms HEART Korans

Midterms HEART Koran

How come there’s never a John McCain around when you need him? There are so many John McCains, I’ll have to specify: I’m talking about the voice of reason John McCain who set the old lady straight when she thought incorrectly, that Obama was a Muslim. Where’s that guy? Oh yeah, Midterm elections are only 60 days away. Republicans are in full metal jacket campaign mode. They’re not going to help anyone from our side. In fact, they will hurt us if it helps them. This is why Boehner took forever to answer, when asked if he thought the Koran should be burned and why his answer was so non-committal. The Republican plan is so obvious. Nobody would have to break into Watergate to figure out this strategy. Here it is:

1. Encourage hatred of Muslims. Use a building or a book burning to get your point across: Muslims are dark, mysterious, hate us and are secretly planning to kill us. They already outnumber us and they’re serial breeders.

2. Don’t correct any rumors about Obama being big secret Muslim. (If Muslims are bad and Obama’s one of them – bully for us.) Use Obama’s middle name constantly. You know the truth, but if it gets votes, who cares?

3. Engage Dems in constitutional discussions where they are constantly forced to defend Muslims on national TV.

4. Identify your most gullible followers: i.e.: If they believe Jesus rode on a dinosaur they will believe anything you tell them).

5. Teach them to read.

6. Get these gullible followers to register to vote in the Midterms. Give them a list of the chosen Repub. candidates that they can take into their polling booths.

7. Drive them to the polls and give them a free loaf of bread afterwards.

8. Repubs prevail in Midterms.

9. Repubs in Congress take away all gains by Obama admin – weaken healthcare etc. Repubs ruin everything again (and we let them because Dems are PUSSIES! There, I said it again).
We have got to get the truth out there because the naive and ill informed are being exploited for votes by the Christian right. If the Repubs win congress, I dread the future. Dems have got to find voters and get them to the polls. It’s our only hope. I am as scared now as I was before Obama’s election night. My worst fear (after fear that an orange man from Mad Men will be Speaker) is: What if Ruth Bader Ginsberg retires? This is serious. It’s all serious.

Karyl Miller 9/11/10