Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Challenge to the Media: Grow a Pair by 9/10

CHALLENGE TO THE MEDIA, To Grow  a Pair by 9/10.
Resolve NOT to broadcast images of any Koran burnings. For once: Turn your backs on the ratings! You cannot on one hand be genuinely worried about the result of broadcasting these extreme images and on the other hand go ahead and broadcast them. Claiming showing it is “in the public’s interest” is a cop out. I implore the news media: Don’t gin up this story. You had the good sense not to broadcast beheadings – Koran burnings are just as incendiary. What a wonderful world it would be if the TV news media got together and agreed to boycott any Koran burnings. Everybody’s unemployed and broke and watching news all day. Everybody is mad at everybody right now. It’s in the public’s best interest to NOT give a hate-mongering wing nut from Florida his own reality show. Hey Media, Got Conscience?

Don’t be responsible for setting off WWIII.

As I type this CNN just broadcast an interview with John Boehner where was asked if the Koran should be burned and he took an eon to answer.  In fact, he spaced out. When he finally answered, did he emphatically say, “Of course, no one should ever burn anybodie's bible?” No. Did he appeal to the public to be brotherly toward our fellowman? He did not! He responded with something very wishy washy – which I’m sure encouraged wing nuts everywhere to come out of the woodwork with their matches and video cams.  What the fuck?
Karyl Miller 9/8/2010