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Beyond the Palin "Suddenly Sarah"

Suddenly Sarah
by Karyl Miller

Undecided voters: Permit me one last try at to help you make your decision.

Close your eyes and imagine the USA is on the brink of economic disaster (I know it’s far-fetched, but bear with me). Jobs are disappearing, incomes are stagnant, and everybody seems to be running out of money and even losing their houses. McCain drops dead two weeks into his presidency (not at all impossible). Suddenly, Sarah Palin, housewife and small-town politician from Shit’s Creek, right-wing radical and religious fanatic, becomes President of the United States and leader of the free world. She lacks the qualifications, the knowledge and the intelligence to hold the highest office in the land. Period.

‘Don’t know much about history but when a country is at its lowest economic ebb, isn’t that when a crackpot dictator usually seizes control?

For some reason otherwise intelligent Republicans and Independents cannot see the difference between Palin’s spotty ho hum state (5 different ones) college record vs. Obama’s graduating # 1 in his class at Harvard. They can’t quantify her supposed great executive experience as a small-town mayor/first-time governor versus Obama’s being a professor of constitutional law, civic leader and a US senator. Really? This is the pile of perfumed horseshit the Republicans are inhaling to fool themselves into sticking with McCain (even though McCain made the unbelievably dangerous decision of picking a total lightweight like Palin to succeed him as President).

It’s time to face it Undecided people: As I suspected "Is She Smarter than a Fifth Grader?”, Sarah Palin is nothing but an actress. Now we know. What other profession has a hair stylist, makeup artist and personal wardrobe shopper on staff? Palin’s playing the part of VP candidate. In her introduction speech she warned us jokingly that she was a pit bull with lipstick. Turned out that was the last truth she spoke in the seven weeks we’ve known her. And she’s power hungry. If I was McCain, I wouldn’t go hunting with her, that’s for sure.

If you’re still on the fence, please take another hard look at the situation: McCain is 72, and has high blood pressure, an explosive temper, high cholesterol, and has had the deadliest type of cancer 4X! He only allowed glances at his most recent medical records. What’s he hiding? Is his erratic behavior related to the bucketful of prescription pills it’s rumored he takes every day? Is that why he gets flummoxed a lot just like grandpa?

Palin’s few unscripted moments revealed a total lack of knowledge of foreign policy, history and civics. She’s refused to even say what magazines and newspapers she reads. Why trust a person who’s evasive or worse - lying? Palin claims to be just an ordinary small town WallMart gal, but wears $150,000 designer outfits and stays in $700 a night hotel rooms. She also thought nothing of billing Alaska for many, many personal expenses. So, she’s already corrupt and hasn’t yet spent one night in D.C.

Please consider the many intelligent insiders like Colin Powell – both Republicans and independents, more knowledgeable than you or I, who have left McCain based on his age, health, and his reckless, cynical selection of replacement. And even tough Palin is only running for VP, let’s imagine the horror if McCain dies.

What more do you need to know? Just pick the candidate who’s obviously the healthiest, the smartest, most skilled, most sophisticated and most Kennedy-like diplomat: Barack Obama.


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Beyond The Palin cartoon #23

Jack said this 'toon was a low blow and beneath me, but you know that's not possible, right?

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Beyond the Palin cartoon # 20

Okay even my husband didn't entirely get this. How about you? Wanna take a guess?

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Miller Report: VP Debate: She Was Strong, She Was Invincible, She Was Acting

Miller Report: VP Debate: She Was Strong, She Was Invincible, She Was Acting

VP Debate: She Was Strong, She Was Invincible, She Was Acting

VP Debate
Palin: She was Strong, She was Invincible, She was Act-ing!
by Karyl Miller

HELP: I’m trapped in a Frank Capra movie and I can’t get out!

In 1939 Frank Capra directed one of the most popular populist movies of all time. In “Mister Smith Goes to Washington,” Jimmy Stewart, an average midwestern Joe, conquers corruption in Washington. You remember -- the kind of movie where your heart beats out of your chest with the wish that the Hollywood Ending were true?

Okay, well -- that was a loooong time ago. We know more now. We’re more sophisticated. We’re more cynical. Today we know the average jerk has a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming a celebrity -- that is, unless he has a YouTube account.

Ever since Kato Kalin, the division between the anonymous and the famous has become blurred. Every day another schmo, Joe or Josie Six Pack, becomes a media celeb. I blame American Idol and amateur internet porn. Thanks to that, any schlemiel can become celebrated with no merit whatsoever, or little merit if you count dressing a moose.

Open Confession to Katie Couric:
Katie I never forgave you for leaving Today, so I have rooted for you to fail as an anchorman. However, today I salute you for gently sticking it to Gov. Elusive!

Back in the old days, we used to say “Sisterhood is Power.” Well guess what? It STILL IS. So thank you Katie and Tina Fay and Amy Poehler! Keep it up! Comedy is a great revealer of truth. I also thank the women on the View for nailing McCain after he acted really, really Cheney-ish and lied to their faces.

Open Challenge for Second Vice-Presidential Debate!
I STILL have questions that didn’t get asked during the 1st VP debate --
questions only a career woman can ask another career woman; just like only a Jew can ask a Jew certain questions.

Need To Know PALIN FAQs. (Just the Facts Ma’m!)

Q. Who’s raising your kids while you play White House?

Q. Are you on birth control or are you going to pop one out of the oven every 10 months?

Q. Have you ever had PMS and if so, how bad?

Q. How do you put on model perfect eyeliner when you cannot see without your glasses?

Q. Will you release your most recent Lens Crafters prescription?

Q. Is there an actual Republican speech impediment where you guys can’t pronounce nuclear or are you all just copying the President so he seems less the dunce?

Q. Your spin-doctors keep saying you’re “The Most Popular Governor in America.” Why? I just Googled “Most Popular Governor in America,” and on the first page no less than 9 governors made that claim.

Q. And finally, forgetting McCain’s advanced age and reoccurring cancer possibly leading to his imminent death: How do we know you’re not going to “accidentally” shoot/kill him after an unusually wild inaugural ball? How do we know you haven’t already grown to hate the bully who famously and publically called his wife the C word?


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Miller Report: Open Letter to Women Against Palin

Miller Report: Open Letter to Women Against Palin

Open Letter to Women Against Palin

RE:Petition circulating web to remove Palin.

Dear WASP, I remain your loyal fan, however with all due respect, where's the button on your website that's for WomenAgainstPalin WhoWant Her To Stay In The Race - who disagree with your petition?

Why create a better ticket for the Republicans by asking Palin to step down now? You're hurting yourselves/the cause.

Tonight let America (and Repubs, in particular) see what kind of choices their Presidential candidate makes - who he thinks can replace him as leader (Eva Peron comes to mind) of his beloved America without sending
us into WWIII. Then they'll come to their senses and vote Democratic.
Never thought I'd say this but : please pass this on to everyone in your mailbox otherwise you'll have bad luck.
Karyl Miller

Beyond the Palin cartoon #17