Thursday, October 02, 2008

Open Letter to Women Against Palin

RE:Petition circulating web to remove Palin.

Dear WASP, I remain your loyal fan, however with all due respect, where's the button on your website that's for WomenAgainstPalin WhoWant Her To Stay In The Race - who disagree with your petition?

Why create a better ticket for the Republicans by asking Palin to step down now? You're hurting yourselves/the cause.

Tonight let America (and Repubs, in particular) see what kind of choices their Presidential candidate makes - who he thinks can replace him as leader (Eva Peron comes to mind) of his beloved America without sending
us into WWIII. Then they'll come to their senses and vote Democratic.
Never thought I'd say this but : please pass this on to everyone in your mailbox otherwise you'll have bad luck.
Karyl Miller

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