Friday, October 17, 2008

Beyond the Palin cartoon # 26


  1. Cute. You must be feeling pretty good about now!

    Hey, Barak's ears are pointy on the outside edges like an elf's, FYI.


  2. Looking good! I still want the fat lady to sing and the chickens to be hatched, though, before celebrating. I read that Sarah Palin herself may be on S.N.Live tomorrow night along with Tina Fey. Sheila

  3. I'm basically an Optimist by nature Karyl, and things do look good right now ......But will the newly registered Youth Vote show up if they think Barack has the election in the bag.......?
    Fear and racism will certainly get the Republican base to the polls. We're crossing fingers, toes, and paws here but remaining cautious. Bestest, Charlie

  4. I have to say these have been pretty funny! jw