Monday, November 03, 2008

Beyond the Palin cartoon # 37


  1. Republicans are accusing ACORN Group of registering fake people like Mickey Mouse to vote.

  2. Got it, funny.

  3. I got this one O.K. in my regular email. Thanks again for the great cartoons to help us get through this nonsense with a sense of humor! Tomorrow we celebrate- we hope. I read that all the Obama people are nervous about an upset. Hopefully they're all nervous enough to run to the polls. Happy Election Day! Sheila

  4. Like the groom said on his honeymoon " It Won't Be Long Now " (!)
    Is it really possible that we won't have Bush, Cheney, Dana Perino, McPalin or the Republican Right ( who is Always wrong) after tomorrow ? YES IT IS !
    I'm driving around North County today and tomorrow proudly flying an Obama window flag with Obama stickers on our Ford Focus. Our long National Nightmare ( as was said when Nixon resigned) may Finally be over in ONE DAY ! We will get America back, and Save the World in the process.
    Will I sleep tonight ? NO, I WON'T ! PLEASE VOTE for a NEW TOMORROW AT LAST ! Thank you for All your great cartoons Karyl. Bestest, Charlie

  5. K. Your toon MMouse was great. I wrote a comment in your commentary box but don't know how to send it to you.
    What steps do I take? The "One Day" number from Mizbarack brought tears to my eyes with all its implications. Yes,
    only ONE MORE DAY it has been long and agonizing but I think in terms from "Annie" Tomorrow, tomorrow, it's only a day away. It'll feel like we just got out of prison. John

  6. Thanks, Karyl, I love it! And here's a pic Steve took of me at our local Obama headquarters.