Thursday, January 22, 2009

American 'Toon cartoon # 3

Yup, apparently the White House is still haunted...


  1. K. Took a long look at your new Toon series - No 1 is a hit, some of it very subtle except if your hip. Loved the thank you note from Laura to Michelle a jibe at being put up in a hotel instead of Blair House. You need to write more of that inside stuff, it's hilarious. Also took a look at your website. Impressive. You've laid bare all your secrets and the "other you." Could not find where to write a comment - but then, as I told you, I am just now enteringcomputer middle school. Was that an inauguration or what? Unfreaking believable. J.

  2. I guess I just wanted to say "job well done". I have enjoyed all your cartoons, even the ones I did not get and have been thinking about you all day as I watched the various inauguration events. I don't envy him but I do believe that he is the best this country has and I feel renewed and cleansed and almost hopefull. This is the first change this country has had in 50 years. I hope I live long enough to see him succeed as I truely believe he can.