Thursday, January 29, 2009

Were the Huxtables THIS boring?

Were the Huxtables THIS boring?
by Karyl Miller

As all writers/couch potatoes and shut-ins know - when a story we’ve been following 24/7 on CNN winds down there’s a horrible letdown. So bye - bye Palin. Bye - bye W and all the big bad Bushies. I wanted them to go. Nay, I PRAYED for them to be gone. But now that they’re history, well, I miss them. These were assholes you could count on for your morning cup O’ rage, which I needed to draw my cartoon about. Now that our side got elected, I’m lost. Forgive me, but I have no experience in NOT being mad as hell all day.

Inauguration Day was like Christmas for Democrats. There were parties. Everybody was so stoked. But now Christmas is over and sadly, everything is going our way. We’ve had a fantastic first week: Gitmo’s closing; teaching contraception in 3rd world countries is allowed again; the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed this AM by the President - yay! Things could not be better (or more boring). And what we are left with are the smart, beautiful and charming Huxtables – I mean Obama family. What’s a curmudgeon cartoonist to do?



  1. Karyl....I have complete faith in you that once you get your psyche ‘turned around’
    (whatever that means) you’ll see that our world is just as ludicrous as ever. (Altho
    I completely understand what you’re saying....!)

    How about thinking along the lines of ‘We’ll let them eat their words....”
    ie....McCain said he works ‘across the aisle, ad nauseum’ O puts forth
    his economic recovery plan and EVERY REPUBLICAN REJECTS IT.....I see them
    all on the ‘other side of the aisle’ fronted by McCain who has his thumb in his mouth
    or some other childlike stubborn pose.

    Or: Sara P.’s new PAC to prepare her to run in 2012...that’s replete with possibilities

    Or George on his ranch....with daddy telling him what’s next

    Cheney in his wheelchair.....

    (It is tough, but you’ll do it....)


  2. Karyl, You make me laugh every day. Thank you for who you are in my life. I laughed so hard at what you just wrote that I have tears in my eyes. I actually think the tears are the result of mixed emotions … but something about your email truly moved me.

  3. Ah, yes. As I suspected, the Obama administration is too sunny for outrage. Of course, if/when partisan politics returns full strength, you can put your laser focus on the obstructionists/Republicans.

    Or, you could just decide you have enough with rage and the universe is going to let you be happy and hopeful for a change.


  4. Just pray that they're a boring family, and the economy will go up in a very unexciting manner. I've always wanted a boring life - I'm still waiting. It's gets tiring always having a soap opera you don't have to turn on the T.V. for. Sheila

  5. Maybe these will put some other funny ideas in your head. I know what you mean. People who are good and doing what we always hoped for are, unfortunately, boring but don't worry, there must be someone out there in public life that tickles your funny bone. Or some one in the administration is bound to screw up and you will be ready for them. Ann

  6. Karyl,
    Great job on your toons and writing. I know what you mean about not having the likes of W and Sarah to write about. But never fear, Sarah is on a national tour now and has created a PAC to fund her future ambitions. There has to be some fodder there. Also, not one single Republican voted for the Stimulus package. I think it is going to just be the same old business as usual. Also the talking heads have been working overtime lately. They are blatantly trying to incite violence now. So there is still plenty of pathetic behavior going on that needs calling attention to. I don’t think you will have much trouble keeping busy.
    Dave Austin

  7. focus on the Calif. economy (not just the US economy)
    That our Calif. legislators can't seem to agree on a budget and my friends who are laid-off will be getting IOUs.
    that Home Depot Expo, Circuit City, Mervyn's, et al are bye-bye
    the Guantanamo is a like a toxic landfill about to spill into the US and maybe Camp Pendleton
    ...just to name a few - hope this helps.
    yer bud, Janet

  8. Stay tuned as the pressure of the presidency slowly turns the Huxtables into the Addams Family.
    And yes, they were boring. Cute, but boring.

  9. Good news! I still find plenty to be pissed off about every day. Here are two aggravations that present themselves daily: 1. My inability to buy products that are made in this country or that at least don't come from China. I certainly have plenty of empathy for the Chinese people and their need to make a living for their families and believe we should be talking to everybody. BUT when I tried to buy a "port-a-crib" for my grand daughter, EVERY brand including designer names were made in China. I bet we're not tooled up for many products any more. That might not present much material, but have you read apple juice labels lately? Don't we raise enough apples to make juice? Let's import bananas and coffee and products that represent real trade. We should be exporting oranges, not importing them. Not very "green" either. And by the way, China severely censored the inauguration. And we can't travel to or trade with Cuba?
    OK, #2 with the promise of more material than #1. In light of our leader ship change, thank the gods, are we ready to give up the dumbing down of America? Obama and his family represent the best of who we are and what education should offer our children. Let's make "smart" cool again. With Palin still charming the socks off of people and probably looking to 2012, it won't be easy, but maybe we can at least boycott Carl's Jr.
    Don't give up Karyl. "Boring" is what made the Cosby's great. It's life, what we deal with every day and try to change in our own way, (like trying to take public transit-good luck) is what makes us cry until we laugh.