Thursday, February 05, 2009

Economy - Americans Cut Back

Friends I hope this isn't another head-scratcher. Jack was not even mildly amused, but he didn't know what the grotto referred to. I think it's funny, but then, I made it up. How about you? Do you get it? PS Thanx for your previous input. Luv yer comments! Karyl


  1. C'mon Jack! The Grotto is the underground swimming area at the mansion where the playmates and their lucky guests frolic.

  2. Loved the idea of sacrifice and what that means.
    Everything is relative. That's seems to be the prob with our legislators and the great salaries and health care packages we bestow upon them to do our bidding. They just don't get it and don't have to--yet.
    I did scratch my head for a minute until I registered the "after" and "before" from right to left. Or, hey, maybe I didn't get it.

  3. Hmmm.....maybe some women do like that "old man smell".....scary, eh ?

  4. i like this one. Very funny. (o;